Monday, April 16, 2012

Come and wine with the Goddess on May 12th...

I'm really excited. Why? Because I've chosen the wines for my Old World versus New World class on May 12th and I can hardly wait. For those of you who are afraid it's going to be too geeky - don't worry! The very reason I'm providing this kind of education is to take out the mystery and pretentiousness and provide clarity and ease.

One thing that always makes me crazy is when a well-intentioned friend or acquaintance introduces me as a wine 'connoisseur'. There's nothing wrong with being a connoisseur; however, that word conjures up the image of a stuff old fuddy-duddy with pinky finger raised, using descriptors like 'hedonistic' or 'amusing' or 'limpid'. You know what I mean.

So I prefer to be thought of as an enthusiast. Or an aficionado. Not a connoisseur or an expert, but an enthusiastic proponent of knowing what you like, why you like it, and being able to talk about it. That's it.

I promise that if you attend my classes you'll leave with a greater understanding your own preferences when it comes to wine. And maybe, you'll be moved to take the next step to enthusiast status, too.

So, please join me on May 12th! And remember - a class like this is a great gift for Mother's Day!

Here's what we'll talk about:
  • We'll define Old World and New World
  • We'll taste wines from all over the globe
  • We'll make sure your French-wine-loving friends no longer make you feel inferior because you love California Chardonnay
  • We'll show you the difference between a Red Burgundy and an Oregon Pinot Noir
  • We'll talk about terroir and how it styles wine
  • We'll discuss wine-making techniques

Class fee of $45 includes 4 flights of wine, small munchies, tasting notes.

Call Fab's Corner Cucina at 818-995-2933 to reserve your seat or click on the link here or in the upper right corner of the page.

If you cancel your reservation within 4 days of the event, there will be a $20 cancellation fee to cover the cost of materials.

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