Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wining in Ventura County...

Debra B and I were supposed to attend the Sierra Pelona Valley Wine Fest on January 26th, but the week's inclement weather forced the event planners to postpone until April 20th. As we already had the day available, we chose to go west to Ventura, to introduce Debra to Four Brix Winery. We spent a delightful time chatting with Karen, Chris (I think that was her name, d'oh!), winemaker Gary, and several happy tasters. Highlights included:

2011 Smitten - 100% Viognier. I first tasted Smitten on a hot day in Thousand Oaks a couple of years ago, and I am still impressed with its minerality and crisp acidity. The floral nose has overtones of stone fruit, and the long finish tastes of tart apples. I would drink this with cold crab or shrimp cocktail, or just sip it on a hot day.