Friday, February 24, 2012

Santa Clarita Wine Fest - It's almost here!!

Join the Goddess of Wine on March 3, 2012 at The Bridgeport Marketplace for a day of food and wine with over 125 wineries represented and over 350 wines, beers and spirits being poured. This year will benefit the Michael Hoefflin Foundation, which offers hope, help and healing for Children's Cancer.

General Public from 1p-6pm
VIP event 5pm-7pm

For tickets, visit:

Use discount code 'goddessofwine' to get a huge discount - $40 for a $75 ticket!

See you at the Fest!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Wining in the Inland Empire...

Once again, we changed our plans for a quiet evening at a local restaurant to an excursion into the wilds of the Inland Empire. New friends, Susie Leivas and Chef Cheryl Markwardt, put together an amazing and delicious dinner for their Meet-Up group, and we were the lucky ones!

Tuscan dinner setting
John, Shawn, Debra, and I carpooled to Rancho Cucamonga on a cool, cloudy evening. The traffic gods were with us, and we made it out there in 45 minutes. Susie and Chef Cheryl were ready for us and popped the cork on a 2009 Saint-Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux sparkler to pair with the appetizers listed below. Shawn opened a bottle of his 2009 Grenache for an additional pairing, and as the other guests arrived, the evening just got better and better!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wining with the Wineaux of the Goddess...Sangiovese...

After Googling the term 'Wine Goonies' and discovering that 'goonie' is a word with many undesirable connotations, the Goddess made an executive decision and renamed our little tasting team Wineaux of the Goddess, and is feeling much better about life. In order to be transparent about our methods, we use the tasting note format derived from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust or WSET, as several of us have achieved various certifications from that entity and find the method simple and straightforward. We judge the appearance, nose, palate, conclusion and food match, and determine if the wine is acceptable or not. We will never give points. We each pay for the wines we bring - nothing is donated or provided by a winery.

Sangiovese grapes
New name lilting on our lips, we (John, Shawn, Rico, Xochitl, Amelia, Marya, and I) met at Fab's on February 8th to taste and discuss the many faces of Sangiovese. Italy's most commonly planted red grape varietal, with over a dozen distinct clones, is a thin-skinned grape that takes its time to mature. Central Italy, specifically the region of Tuscany, is the agricultural heartland of the Sangiovese grape named for 'blood of Jupiter'.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wining with SLO Pourers...

Broken Earth Winery
JD and I were finally able to participate in one of the monthly blind tastings that Sophia Stephens hosts with her group of enthusiastic wineaux, the SLO Pourers. We met at the new Broken Earth Tasting Room on Route 46 East on February 1st. It was great fun, and we hope to be able to play with the SLO Pourers again soon!

Petit Verdot is a red grape, mainly used in classic Bordeaux blends. It ripens much later than other varieties in Bordeaux, often too late, so it fell out of favor in its home region. When it does ripen, it is added in small amounts to add tannin, colour and flavor to the blend. It has been planted in the New World, where it ripens more reliably and has been made into single varietal wine. It is also useful in 'stiffening' the midpalate of Cabernet Sauvignon blends. When young its aromas include unripe banana and pencil shavings. Strong tones of violet and leather develop as it matures.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wining by proxy...staff writer Marya Glur fills us in on the 3rd Annual Pinot Days...

The Goddess & JD were in San Francisco for ZAP, so staff writer Marya J. Glur and her intrepid sidekick stepped in to cover Pinot Days! Her report:

I have a secret. I’ve kept this secret since I started drinking, tasting, appreciating and loving wine, oh, so many years ago. It’s a secret that I have been loath to tell for fear of retribution, especially around wine aficionados who wax poetic about the subtleties of Pinot Noir. I keep mum around people who go on and on about how delicate and temperamental the grape is and how difficult it is to grow and what clones are grown where and how Burgundy is the ultimate of all wines. Blah, blah, blah...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wining at the 2nd Annual Santa Clarita Wine Fest...

It's coming! The 2nd Annual Santa Clarita WineFest!!
March 3, 2012 the Bridgeport Marketplace hosts the 2nd Annual Santa Clarita WineFest which features over 300 wines, spirits and brews.  In addition there will be classes provided by industry experts on Italian wines, wine and cheese pairings and scotch. But Santa Clarita WineFest offers new ways to reach out toward our experts and Fest details like never before based on social media.

Attendees can learn more by visiting Santa Clarita WineFest on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to meet some of the wineries, learn from our acclaimed instructors and start conversations with other attendees and wine enthusiasts.

WineFest Owner/CEO Dr. Joel M. Fisher comments: "Social media has become a major force in the world. We're excited to embrace these tools and let them help us to create a comprehensive experience for our Fest."

Santa Clarita WineFest's Twitter account is active on a daily basis sending out fun tips, Fest details and wine-loving facts. Their Facebook is active throughout the week posting and sharing popular wine links and creating conversation. The YouTube channel offers exclusive content from regional, national and globally recognized wine commentators.

Learn more about the 2nd Annual Santa Clarita WineFest, visit the website here (, buy tickets using eventbrite (, fan WineFest on here, follow WineFest on

The 2nd Annual Santa Clarita WineFest is sponsored by A1 Event Rentals, Bridgeport Marketplace, West Central Produce, Five Star Gourmet, 100.3 The Sound, The Magazine of Santa Clarita, Wine & Spirits Magazine, Icelandic Glacial H2O, Courtyard by Marriott.
And, if you use the code GODDESSOFWINE, receive a special discounted price for the Fest!!
See you there!