Thursday, March 11, 2021

Slowing wining back to 'normal'...

JD & Larry
The Goddess of Wine and JD took a quick trip south to Los Olivos and Solvang. First time since December 2019. It felt good. And odd. JD's been running errands and making the occasional foray down to Ellay, but I haven't been anywhere south of San Luis Obispo.

We stopped in at Tercero for a too-short visit with the irrepressible Larry Schaffer. He's got some new and interesting wines available. And he's been keeping busy doing Zoom tastings, both public and private. Admirable. You should check them out. Chatted briefly with a young couple who were just learning about wine. Always good to see bright faces light up with those 'aha' moments. 

Headed over to Cecco Ristorante in Solvang to share lunch with our dear friends, Sue and Jim Mann. Cecco has always had a comfortable dining patio, so it seemed like business as usual. So good catching up in person. We've chatted a few times over the past year, but face-to-face is always better. Caught a quick glimpse of Chef David Cecchini, as well a wave from winemaker Steve Clifton, but we'll have to catch up with them another time.

Headed back up Alamo Pintado to Buttonwood Farm Winery to visit winemaker Karen Steinwachs. We've seen each other on various Zooms, but it's so good to sit over a glass of wine and just chat.

Headed home with a case of wine (6 bottles each from Tercero and Buttonwood). It was a good way to start the slow return to what may be the new normal.

Meanwhile, the vaccine process is happening, the grownups in Washington are making progress, we had a Zoom meeting with our CPA (with a happy result), and life begins to move on.

Maybe, just maybe, we can start planning some classes to take place soon. Stay tuned! Cheers! 


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