Thursday, May 7, 2020

Wining in the time of Coronavirus...

The GoW & JD pre-lockdown
Random thoughts during the lockdown:

Making the bed every day counts as an accomplishment.

Digging out old recipes that I haven't made in at least 25 years. Comfort food, as they're my mom's recipes.

Rereading books. Re-watching TV series. Not feeling the need to watch anything new.

Surprised at how easy it is to just stay home.

Discovering that it wasn't lack of time that kept me from cleaning out the closet.

Wondering if I can get the airline to refund my money instead of giving me a travel voucher.

Wondering if we'll be able to travel next year.

Hoping we can start pouring wine at the tasting room soon.

Alternating between acceptance and frustration.

Happy that after all these years together, we still really like each other and get along well.

Happy that we have the technology to stay in touch with friends near and far. Some family, too.

Surprised at how many of my friends and colleagues feel driven to create, while I'm just enjoying the downtime, even after almost 2 months.

Wondering how it is that I've lost a few pounds during this time, despite thinking about food all the time.

Hoping I'll be able to get the medical procedures done that I thought would be done by now. Still need some post-cataract surgery clean up.

Enjoying bird watching from my front door. Love the mockingbirds.

Missing baseball season.

Happy that we're locked down in Morro Bay and not in Burbank.

Hoping you're well and safe, wherever you're locked down.

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