Monday, July 21, 2014

Getting ready to jump...with wine...

I've been stacking up drafts of posts lately. 

Haven't finished the write-ups of the Santa Barbara County Vintners' Key to the Wine Country, or the delicious Wines of Naoussa at Faith and Flower

Haven't put the finishing touches on the Wineaux of the Goddess July taste of Slovenian wines, and most of all, haven't put together my thoughts about the engrossing and exhausting 2014 Wine Bloggers Conference.

Usually I can crank out a weekly post, while balancing my day job and extracurricular activities, but I'm stuck right now.
I'm transitioning out of the day job after all these years. September will mark 10 years at this current employer, doing the same work I've been doing for almost 25 years. The day after my 10th anniversary, I'm leaving. Retiring. Why? Because I can't sit in a windowless cubicle doing meaningless work any longer. 

How will I support myself? Well, I'm planning on making Goddess of Wine work for me. Going to sell the house, pay off the debt, move to the Central Coast. Taste wines, teach classes, write, repeat.

I've been saying for the last year that 2014 is the year of change for me. Not just for me; lots of changes are taking place. Friends and colleagues moving to new adventures. Friends and colleagues dying. Suddenly. And more and more I realize that I've allowed myself to sit still, stop taking chances, stop jumping off cliffs.

Well, life is short and uncertain, so why not jump?

I'll catch up shortly on the posts I've promised.

Hope you'll stay with me as I figure out what I'm doing.



Hilarie Larson said...

Bravo! Making changes takes courage but nothing is more satisfying than chasing after and living your dreams. Go, Goddess!

Goddess of Wine said...

Thanks, Hilarie! I've been talking about it for a while, and suddenly felt I needed to put it in writing. The future is wide open!

Fuz said...

This is sooooo AMAZING!! So proud of you and glad I got to witness the journey to this point.
Many MANY blessings to you and Dickey!

Unknown said...

Hi Denise,
This all sounds awesome. 2014 was a big change for me for the WAY better. We have to jump off cliffs to keep moving forward. Let's hang out before you guys go.

Unknown said...

Way to go, Denise! Take the plunge! That is very exciting news and I am thrilled for you. Have fun!

Terry Nozick said...

This is inspirational. We talked about this at WBC and now it's in writing, so I guess it's real! Sounds like a great move for you. All the best.