Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wining with SLO Pourers...

Broken Earth Winery
JD and I were finally able to participate in one of the monthly blind tastings that Sophia Stephens hosts with her group of enthusiastic wineaux, the SLO Pourers. We met at the new Broken Earth Tasting Room on Route 46 East on February 1st. It was great fun, and we hope to be able to play with the SLO Pourers again soon!

Petit Verdot is a red grape, mainly used in classic Bordeaux blends. It ripens much later than other varieties in Bordeaux, often too late, so it fell out of favor in its home region. When it does ripen, it is added in small amounts to add tannin, colour and flavor to the blend. It has been planted in the New World, where it ripens more reliably and has been made into single varietal wine. It is also useful in 'stiffening' the midpalate of Cabernet Sauvignon blends. When young its aromas include unripe banana and pencil shavings. Strong tones of violet and leather develop as it matures.

The results and notes below are from Sophia's posting.

Petit Verdot Blind Tasting Results:
9 Petit Verdot wines were sampled blindly. Winemaker Chris Cameron introduced us to the winery and the varietal and provided great education to the 25 people in attendance! Chef Nanette Smalley catered a beautiful menu of small bites to pair perfectly with the wines.

Wines were rated on a 30-point scale as follows: Bouquet rated 1-10; Mouthfeel/palate rated 1-10; Finish rated 1-10. The TOTAL of all three of the above ratings was the wines final score. After all wines were tasted and voted upon, they were revealed.

WINNER: 2010 Broken Earth (Barrel Sample), Paso Robles CA
15% Alc. by Vol *BLENDED WITH 15% Petit Sirah
Price TBD
Denise's note: The winner was the only wine that was blended! Winemaker Chris Cameron threw in a change-up with this barrel sample, which proved that PV is better as a blending grape than as a single varietal.

SECOND PLACE: 2008 Silver Horse, Paso Robles, CA
15% Alc. by Vol $38

THIRD PLACE: 2008 Nova Vita by Veris Cellars, Paso Robles, CA
15.1% Alc. by Vol $35

FOURTH PLACE: 2007 Ranchita Canyon, Paso Robles, CA
14.3% Alc. by Vol $28

FIFTH PLACE: 2006 Opaque by Riboli Wines, Paso Robles, CA
14.5% Alc. by Vol $30

SIXTH PLACE: 2006 Opolo, Paso Robles, CA
14.7% Alc. by Vol $34

SEVENTH PLACE: 2008 Yorkville Cellars (Organic Grapes), Yorkville Highlands, CA
13.5% Alc. by Vol $27+

EIGHTH PLACE: 2010 Broken Earth (Barrel Sample), Paso Robles, CA
15% Alc. by Vol Price TBD

NINTH PLACE: 2005 Clendenen Family Vineyards, Santa Maria Valley, CA
13.5% Alc. by Vol *Bien Nacido Estate Plantings $25

The evening was great fun, and was made even more interesting by the presence at our table of our friend, winemaker Aram Deirmenjian of Kiamie Cellars. More on that in a different post!

Cheers to Sophia, the SLO Pourers and Broken Earth!

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