Friday, December 9, 2011

Random thoughts...

Time goes by so quickly. I'm always surprised that another week or two or more has elapsed since I sat down to write a post. I really admire writers who crank out post after post, article after article, and never seem to run out of topics or energy. Of course, those writers are probably getting paid for their work, which is a real incentive to make it happen!

Dinner at the Joust
Since Thanksgiving, I've just been kind of stalled. Got a big birthday coming up, and it's taken me by surprise. We'll be celebrating with my posse of wineaux, of course. Should be fairly silly. Going to Medieval Times. Never been there - I know you're surprised knowing that JD and I are longtime Ren geeks, but there you have it. Plus, I can't actually remember the last time I was in Buena Park. Stay tuned for pix and reviews. What ho!

On my actual birthday, JD and I will be working an event for LearnAboutWine at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. Haven't been there in years! It's an evening of wining and shopping. Lots of great wineries will be there, including the always popular Shai Cellars. You should come! Here's more info for you:

JD and I will be there to welcome you and do some tasting and shopping ourselves. Hope to see you!



Eve Bushman said...

Can you bring wine to the jousting show? I hope so Goddess!

Goddess of Wine said...

Unfortunately, Medieval Times does not allow patrons to bring their own wine, so it will be an adventure on many fronts! However, the show/dinner ends at 8:30, and my posse has promised me much more partying will ensue - so stay tuned!