Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So much little time to write!

I was trying to figure out why I haven't written in the last month, and I realized it's because JD and I have been running all over the place tasting wines, eating great food, and just generally having a good time, except for the broken nose. But that's another story. 
Here's what's been going on in the last month or so. And it doesn't include various dinners with friends and meetings about the upcoming LA WineFest!

3/14 - The Flask Studio City - Fog Crest from Sebastopol (wines were OK, nothing to write home about)/Shai Cellars from Santa Ynez (Of course, a personal favorite. And winemaker Shawn Halahmy was donating part of the proceeds of any of his sales to help Japan.)

3/15 - Family Winemakers (JD's column of 3/30)

Toolbox Wine Co
3/22 - Richard Sanford/Alma Rosa wine dinner@Noir (GoW's column of 3/24)

3/25 - SCV Debauchery with Eve - Vino100 pouring Toolbox wines, Lee's Wine Bistro, Wine661 - Eve wrote a great article about it! Find it on the West Ranch Beacon.

4/2 - Daytrip to Buellton/Solvang/Los Olivos - Trattoria Grappolo, Rusack, Alma Rosa, Avant@Terravant, Brothers Restaurant/Mattei's Tavern

Rioja @ Hatfield's

4/4 - Santa Rita Hills Winegrowers Alliance trade event at Palate Wine Merchant
4/4 - Grape of the Night - Petit Sirah night at Valencia Wine Company (yes, 2 events in one day)
4/8 - Veronika Decides to Die opening at ECT
4/9 - Bodega Pasadena with JD and Shawn (to use up Groupon) 
4/11 - Vibrant Rioja trade event at Hatfield's with Julie Brosterman

4/21 - Trip. Fall. Broken nose. Arrggh.

The Goddess @ MindfulNest
4/23 - Meet and Greet at MindfulNest on Main in Santa Monica.

4/26 - German wines at L'Ermitage Beverly Hills with Jamie Edlin and Jenny Levy representing the Rudi Wiest portfolio.

No wonder I'm tired!


Unknown said...

Nice meeting and talking to you at the German Riesling tasting.

Goddess of Wine said...

Likewise! I emailed Chris L. about meeting you and Rivian last night. He's also very aware of how small our world is! Hope to see you soon!