Monday, October 4, 2010

Too much wining going on?

I can't keep up! JD and I have been attending so many wonderful events and evenings that I don't know how to get everything written. This would be much easier if I didn't have a day job that really gets in the way of my writing during daytime hours. Yet another reason why I need to make this wine education gig start to pay off.

The view at Marimar
I still need to tell you all about the rest of our Napa/Sonoma/Santa Maria Valley/Lompoc/Santa Ynez trip, which included D'Argenzio, Marimar, Merry Edwards, Roessler, and a couple of great meals in Sonoma. And McKeon Phillips, Core, Ampelos, Palmina, and Root246. And that just gets us thru July!

Then there was the annual open house at Margerum, with a visit to neighboring Curtis, and finishing up with another relaxing taste at Tastes of the Valleys in Solvang.

And I know several of you who are envious of the amazing tasting and dinners we've been sharing at Mark Newman's and Dr. Joel Fisher's in Studio City over the last 8 weeks.

And I'm at least 2 posts behind for Grape of the Night at the Valencia Wine Company, and I'm going to miss the October 'holiday favorites' get together on October 4th. (For which Eve keeps saying that I picked the subject. Don't actually remember doing that - I made some suggestions, but I suspect Eve actually made the decision.)

And don't even get me started about the North Berkeley Imports' portfolio tasting at Lucques on the same day as the Tasting Panel San Francisco Wine Competition winners at Waterloo & City.

And how I attended a special Wine Law class at LearnAboutWine. Fascinating!

And how I taught a Wine 101 class (in record-breaking heat) to a group of WineShop At Home Consultants to help them be better educators at their in-home tastings.  

And the delightful - and steamy (did I mention heat?) - evening we had with I'll Drink to That at Nicola's Kitchen featuring Mike Rubino of D'Anbino Cellars.

And my first class (8 hours) of WSET Intermediate Certification training at The Cellar/All Corked Up on October 3rd.

That pretty much brings us up to date, and you can understand why I'm behind! Gotta go study!



Eve said...

It's "Sparkling, Prosecco and Champagne" on Nov 8 and "Re-Gifting" (I hope your faves and not the worse wines you got) on Dec. 6. The group voted (including you) on the themes. But, yes, I have no (blond) clue now who suggested what Goddess! I just hope to see you now that I'm sending you the dates in advance - and see you tomorrow at WSET!

Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned that Shai Cellars is one of your friends, I was surprised that you didn't stop by the facility where Shawn makes his wine...Terravant Wine Co. in Buellton, CA. There is even a Tapas Bar upstairs overlooking the production area and during harvest you can enjoy the fantastic aromas of fermenting favorite time of the year! Maybe the next trip...Cheers!

Goddess of Wine said...

I would love to stop at Terravant some day soon, but who are you, Anonymous? Perhaps in the future, you'll sign your name!